Our Capabilites

Our team can cater our involvement in your project to suit your individual requirements; from a full management contract through to a cost plus arrangement. We are flexible and adaptable and would welcome you to discuss your next project with us.


JD Construction Co is unique in offering a complete service covering all aspects of residential and light commercial.

We have assembled the following in house departments to provide a complete in house turn-key service. JD Construction Co acts both as the Construction Manager and Financial Manager. We plan and manage the entire build, from planning through procurement to co-ordinating the efforts of everyone involved. We work the same way we would under a traditional contract with the same high levels of supervision and expertise from beginning to end.

Some of our capabilities include:

We'll help you to build your future.

Tailored to the needs of our clients

Following the traditional main contractor route, our client appoints their own professional design team and JD Construction Co takes responsibility for all of the building work, both on and off site, including works carried out by specialist subcontractors. JD Construction Co will work with each client to provide a bespoke contract to meet every clients expectation.

Cost Plus

Where the design is likely to change or develop as the project proceeds, JD Construction Co works on a ‘cost plus’ basis. All work is delivered as economically and competitively as possible and JD Construction Co charges our client at actual cost, plus a percentage mark-up that is agreed in advance, to cover our overheads and profit.

Fixed Price

Where the project is fully designed and detailed in advance of the building work commencing, JD construction Co works on a ‘fixed lump sum’ contract.

During the construction phase

JD Construction Co will manage your project as if it was their own home. It will be managed by Project Managers and Site Managers that have extensive knowledge in the construction industry. Each project will be undertaken by a quality team of skilled carpenters and great young apprentices. Our in- house QS and team will provide the client with full monthly updates and a transparent breakdown of job progress and budget updates to allow the project to meet every expectation of our client. JD Construction Co is a trusted member of NZ Certified Builders Association.

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